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The lowdown on WhizTags


We're WhizTags. A young, Australian tech startup with some pretty old fashioned values. A bit of a contradiction, right? Not quite! We keep our promises, we sell nothing but the highest quality products and we actually care about your satisfaction. Here’s the low-down.

We’re absolutely obsessed with quality, practicality and customer satisfaction. We don’t sell cheap flimsy products because we wouldn’t buy them ourselves. Our products work and they work incredibly well.

After a bunch of bad experiences as buyers, we decided that we could do the whole NFC thing better and smarter than anybody else. We were customers before we became sellers, so we get it.

We ship everything out in under 24 business hours. Sometimes in the pouches of some pretty fast kangaroos. We don’t charge ridiculous shipping fees because we wouldn’t pay them ourselves. If you send us an email, we’ll actually reply. In less than 24 business hours in most cases. If you need some wedding advice, we could give that a crack too!

Join countless satisfied customers and give us a try today!

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