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How to use NFC tags

Here’s our super straight forward guide on how to use NFC tags. Setup should take approximately 1.5 minutes.

We’ve written this guide for the hugely popular NFC Tools, although WhizTags will work with almost any NFC launcher.

If you’re new to NFC, you may need to locate the NFC chip on the back of your phone. You can do this by enabling NFC (see step one) and running an NFC tag along the back of your phone until the phone makes a beeping noise (make sure your volume is up).

 Six steps to setting up your WhizTags:

1) Make sure NFC is enabled on your smart phone (usually activated under in ‘settings’ area of your device)

2) Download NFC Tools.

3) Open the application and select “Write” from the top part of the screen.

4) Select “Add a record” and select the type of command you’d like to write to your NFC Tag.

5) You will then be prompted to customise your command (for example, if you’ve chosen to set an alarm clock with your NFC tag, you’ll be asked at which time you’d like the alarm to ring). Enter your settings and press “Ok”.

Optional:  Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 if you’d like to add more commands.

6) Once you’ve finished adding commands, you’ll be returned to the ‘Write’ tab. If not, simply repeat step 3. A new option should now appear beneath ‘Add a record’ and ‘More options’ titled ‘Write’. Select this and simply hold your NFC tag against your NFC receiver on the back of your phone.


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