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Our class leading NFC tags have been featured on some of the most prominent and respected technology review and news websites. Here's what some of them have had to say! 


"In general I like NFC tags, but most of the available options on the market lack durability. Most of them are cheaply made, overpriced stickers that wear out way too soon.  Tags wear down and look unappealing after multiple uses. Enter WhizTags. These NFC tags aren’t just stickers, they are circular heavy grade PVC tags that you can stick just about anywhere. WhizTags are roughly the thickness of a credit card and have good sticky 3M adhesive that makes sure your WhizTags last a long time and stay in place." Source

Digital Trends

WhizTags listed as one of the best tech accessories under $25. Source

Red Ferret

"These are great for times that you don’t want to pick up your phone for a simple action. For example you’re just about to hop into bed and you need to set the wake up alarm. Instead of activating your phone and going to the alarm app etc, just tap the handset onto one of your pre-programmed tags you’ve got next to the bed and the job’s done instantly." Source

UAC Reviews 

WhizTags featured in the 2013 UAC Reviews office tour. Source

News 8 WTNH 

WhizTags featured in last minute tech gifts for Christmas. Source 

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