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Quick NFC tag ideas

WhizTags have a virtually unlimited number of uses. As more and more NFC related apps are being developed, the potential uses for NFC tags continue to surge. All of these features will use NFC related applications, usually found for free. Here are our favourite NFC tag ideas: 

In the car

Activate bluetooth and connect your device to your vehicle in seconds. Need some traffic information? Need to navigate a specific route? You can do all that and so much more with the simple tap of an NFC tag! 

On your bedside

Automatically have your phone turn off vibration mode, dim screen brightness, turn off your LED indicator, stop notifications and turn on an alarm with a single tap. 

Make sure your children are safe

NFC tags can be set to automatically send prewritten text messages. This can be useful if you’d like to keep an eye on children traveling to and from school. With a simple tap, an NFC tag can let you know that your children have gotten home safely. 

At home

If you’re like most people, you tend to use your smartphone a little differently at home. NFC tags allow you to create a home profile with your favourite setting adjustments. Leave an NFC tag near the entrance of your home and automatically enable WiFi, turn down your system volume and reduce screen brightness as you walk in. 

Control your entertainment hub

This is another cool use that we’ve grown to love. It’s possible to set your NFC tag to automatically control your Chrome Cast device. Load up your favourite weather or news website on your TV with the simple tap of an NFC tag! Or command an NFC tag to automatically open up the Netflix app!

When it’s time to focus

Need some time to study? Or maybe you’re trying to put in 100% at the gym and don’t want any external distractions. Turn off notifications, vibrations and your LED indicator in one shot with just a simple tap and rid yourself of all smartphone distractions! 

Share your contact information

Store your contact information on our high capacity NFC tags and effortlessly exchange them with people you meet. Your details can be instantly transferred to your new contacts device with just a single tap. An excellent way to leave a great impression and eliminate the risk of typos! 

In the kitchen

Cooking something? You can adjust your settings profile with a single tap. Increase your notification and call volume with a single tap. You can even set a predetermined timer or access a recipe with a single tap!

Enable tethering on the go

Set an NFC tag to automatically enable and disable tethering when you’re on the go. One tap and you’re up and running!

Automatic checkins on Facebook and Foursquare

Automatically check into Facebook and Foursquare with an NFC tag. This is fantastic for businesses handing out promotional material and even with regular consumers looking to automate their check ins!

Remotely turning on your computer

This is a pretty cool idea that we've come to adopt ourselves. While it involves a little bit of tinkering, it's a time saver and just down right awesome. Place an NFC tag near the entrance of your house and have your computer boot up with just a simple tap. You can find the full instructions on how to do this here.

Give your guests access to your WiFi without revealing your password 

Grant your friends access to your WiFi network with a simple tap. There's no need to go through the process of setting up the network connection and entering your password into the settings tab on your phone. 

Organise your garage, basement or storage room

Hunting for a specific item in a garage filled to the roof with boxes can be a daunting task. NFC tags can make this process a little simpler. Make a list of all the items present in a particular box, store this list in an NFC tag and stick the tag to the box. Next time you go to the garage to find a specific item, tap on the tag and you will have a list of all the contents of the box, without even opening it!

NFC in stores

NFC tags are being used more and more in retail environments. Got a product that you're selling? Use an NFC tag to allow the customer to view more information with a simple tap or direct them to your website 

Send people to predetermined links

Got a website you’re looking to promote? Write your website URL onto an NFC tag and hand it out to prospective visitors. A pretty cool and memorable way to spread the word about your website which will almost certainly result in the prospective visitor holding onto the NFC tag!  

Automate timesheets

Freelancers and businesses will love this one. Many freelancers already know that using the TimeSheet app is a great way to organise and keep track of their time.The use of NFC tags takes the experience to a whole new level. TimeSheet users can assign NFC tags for each of their projects and arrange them at their workplace as per their convenience. So if you are a TimeSheet user, the next time you want to start the clock on some project, just place your phone on the corresponding NFC tag and start logging your work!



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