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What are NFC Tags?

So what are NFC tags?

NFC tags are awesome. Without getting too geeky, NFC tags basically interact with your NFC-enabled smartphone and tell it to do things. All you need to do is tap your device against the NFC tag and voila! 

For example, you might keep an NFC tag in your car. By tapping your NFC-enabled smartphone against it, the NFC tag might automatically open Google maps and turn up the screen brightness and volume on your phone. Or if you're a business, you might allow employees to tap an NFC tag to check into work, as opposed to a clunky timesheet system. 

Most NFC tags (including WhizTags) can be told what to do by any NFC-enabled smartphone. All you need to do is download an NFC writing app, place your phone on top of the tag and choose what functions you’d like activated. Once set, the NFC tag will remember these instructions for next time. It’s really that simple!

So what can I do with NFC tags?

Because you’re able to program your own NFC tags with a free downloaded app, the possibilities are endless. There are hundreds of possible command combinations and this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve put together a quick list of our favourite uses here.

Why not stick to QR codes? 

QR codes require you to open an app on your phone, point the camera at the QR code and scan the QR code. You then need to wait for the app to perform the programmed function. NFC tags simplify this process by allowing you to activate the command that’s been programmed into the NFC tag by simply tapping your NFC-enabled smartphone against it. Just make sure that the screen on your phone is unlocked and you’re good to go. No need to open an application and no need to worry about lining up the camera with any sort of code!

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